In this 15-day study, Bible teacher Havilah Cunnington shows us how to embrace our power through the influence of ownership. Through the study of Jesus’ life, we’ll see how He implemented personal boundaries, which enabled His success. And how we can do the same!

In I Do Boundaries, with stories, scriptures, and everyday tools, we’ll learn how boundaries operate and who is responsible for the “what” in our life.

In this study, we’ll answer these questions together:

+ How do I gain control of my life, schedule, and emotions?
+ How do I confidently set boundaries and let others know them?
+ How do I communicate my boundaries without fear of rejection or loss of friendship?
+ How do I remove people who are behaving poorly from my life?
+ How do I protect what matters most to me without regret?

Discover how to return that heavy backpack to its rightful owner with kindness, honesty, and conviction. Let’s Do Boundaries!

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