WELCOME WELCOME WELCOME!!! Can you tell how excited I am to have you part of our Truth Academy!!! 😍

Alright, let's get you settled in, shall we....
Your Checklist

Welcome Video
Below is the quick welcome video from Havilah! Click on the video to start watching!

✅Once you've finished viewing, you can check off "Watch Welcome Video" from your checklist!

Update Your Profile
Head over to your profile to make any updates such as adding your profile photo! (screenshot below) 

✅Once you've completed your updates, check off "Update Your Profile" from your checklist! 

Join Our Community Group
Our private Facebook community group is excited to meet you! You'll be meeting members from all over the globe! Click HERE and request to join and then take a moment to introduce yourself!

Start your Spiritual Pathway
✅Once you're ready to start your first lesson of this month's featured study, check out the dashboard! This is where you will always find the current study of the month!

Set your monthly intention

Make sure you set your intention for the month and share it with the community so we can champion you and cheer you on!

Save the Date for our monthly LIVE coaching call

On your dashboard, you will see an add to calendar button. Hit this button so you don't miss any live calls!

YAY!! You're all set!!

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to reach out to us at support@truthtotable.com!! We're more than happy to help!  

✨Mariah Alonzo
Community Director
Truth to Table 

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